A pre-purchase survey is a thorough inspection of the vessel’s structural integrity, system's installation, and operating condition, as well as performance. A comprehensive report is issued which includes an equipment list and detailed list of deficiencies and recommendations. Replacement and market values [in US dollars] are assigned to the vessel. Most lending institutions and insurance companies require a pre-purchase survey.
New construction surveys are conducted on a progressive inspection schedule throughout the vessels construction. Inspection includes observations of the structural integrity of the hull and stringer systems, installation of equipment, and cosmetic fit and finish of the vessel upon completion.
Insurance surveys are conducted to determine marine risk and value of a vessel, and are often used for re-insurance of vessel.
An inspection to determine the vessel's value is conducted primarily for refinancing, estate settlement, and divorce asset value.
Customs surveys are conducted on foreign registered vessels which are being imported into the United States in order to determine value for duty [tax] assessment.
Damage inspections determine the scope of damage and aid in the formulation of a repair plan. Progressive inspections of the repair work are often requested, along with a final inspection of completed repair work.
A list of maintenance recommendations is compiled in order to prioritize maintenance items. This is often conducted prior to the vessel's scheduled shipyard service.
Ultrasound testing using an audiogauge is conducted to determine deterioration or “waste” in aluminum and steel plating, most commonly used on hull bottoms and tankage.
A non-destructive moisture meter determines moisture content in fiberglass lamination and wood. A moisture inspection is necessary prior to final layup after a blister repair.
Insurance claim consultations are conducted to verify the scope of damage and settlement issued by an insurance adjuster or surveyor.
Inspections of repair work are conducted to attest to the level of integrity and cosmetic quality of shipyard and/or sub-contractor repair work.
Hull bottom inspections are conducted to ascertain the integrity of the hull, Identify any damage due to groundings or contact with submerged objects, and check for proper alignment of the running gear.
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Marine casualty investigations are conducted to determine the cause or circumstances leading up to a marine casualty including sinking, grounding, collision, allision, and fraud.

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